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Geneva Institute for Wealth Management

Through executive education and supporting research, the Geneva Institute for Wealth Management (GIWM) participates in the promotion and development of the Swiss financial centre as a hub for excellence in Wealth Management and Sustainable Finance.

Supporting the University of Geneva and leading in the creation of a unique professional doctorate degree in Switzerland, GIWM is a partner of choice for high-level training and knowledge transfer in Wealth Management worldwide.



 A truly unique Professional Doctorate in Applied Finance

On-the-job degree training awarding a fully recognized diploma from the University of Geneva.
Three-year part-time programme deployed among two main specialisations:




  • Global Asset Allocation & Management
  • Social Entrepreneurship & Technology Innovation
  • Sustainable Finance
  • Risk Management in Finance
  • Philanthropic Trusts & Foundation Management
  • Alternative Investments
  • Strategic Transitions & Business for Good
  • Development Finance, Impact Investing & Ethical Finance
  • Empirical Methods in Finance
  • Family Legacy Planning & Wealth Management
  • Dissertation in Applied Finance



  • Global Capital Markets & Financial Institutions
  • Global Asset Allocation & Management
  • Applied Qualitative Research in Behavioral Finance
  • Risk Management in Finance
  • Investment Strategies & Assessment
  • Alternative Investments
  • High Technology Venture Capital
  • Data Analysis Methods & Advanced Modeling in Finance
  • Legal Tax Issues in Wealth Management
  • Private Wealth Management in Practice
  • Dissertation in Applied Finance

The Programme in Numbers

Bringing together the academic and the professional world, the programme and its surrounding activities provide networking and development opportunities to seize, while empowering participants to take greater mission-driven responsibilities in the shifting international landscape.

The Audience

Entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, senior executives, public officials and managers who want to learn about the latest academic and professional advances in finance, to understand and develop wealth management strategies that will consolidate their clients’ prosperity while maintaining their sense of purpose.

 The Rankings

Founded in 1559, the University of Geneva (UNIGE) is a Swiss public university cultivating excellence for more than 450 years and enjoying worldwide recognition.

UNIGE is the second largest university in Switzerland. It belongs to the top 20 universities in Europe, and it ranks amongst the top 100 best universities in the world.

Based at UNIGE, Geneva Finance Research Institute (GFRI) is a center of excellence in interdisciplinary research and teaching in Finance. GFRI serves as a world leading center for Sustainable Finance and is recognized as a world leader in Finance research.

Outcomes & Testimonies

The work produced within the framework of the professional doctorate contains new and interesting results based on sound empirical methods. The outcomes are of publishable quality in professional journals.

True to its mission to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in Wealth Management through research, the programme showcases the work of it graduates by means of various promoting activities.

Explore the applied research conducted by the graduate students of the professional doctorate:

Student Professional Theses Library
"Wealth management is one of the world's leading industries in Switzerland. It is a rare and precious opportunity to study at the University of Geneva and to be exposed to the world's top wealth management institutions. The programme far exceeded my expectations, with over 100% satisfaction. It never occurred to me that at the age of over forty I would go back to my passionate self, the young one eager to study and progress. This is a very valuable life experience, it’s a forging process, and it increases self-discipline.”

Chairwoman of a trading company (Graduated in 2021)


"I thought the dissertation process was a highlight of the study program. I learned a lot in the process of preparing for the paper. Professor Hoesli guided me step by step and helped me to take the paper to a level that I couldn’t believe I could get to.”

Managing Director at UBS (Graduated in 2020)

"Through this study programme, I have further improved my future prospects in finance and other related activities. I will consider problems from a more comprehensive perspective and make more accurate decisions.”

Chairman of an asset management firm (Graduated in 2020)


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The GIWM provides financial support for academic research projects with expected impact in the field of wealth management.

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The GIWM organises an annual conference to share with you insights of the latest research in wealth management.

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4 Funding Channels
Promoting Research

We support the research activities of the GFRI
We foster innovative research projects
We encourage excellence with Ph.D Fellowships
We promote outstanding achievements with awards

We invest today in the leaders of Tomorrow's Finance.



GIWM Partners & Support

The Geneva Institute for Wealth Management is a non–profit foundation offering full operational support to the University of Geneva.
In terms of executive education, GIWM promotes international collaborations with other educational organisations.
In its mission to strengthen the links between academic and professional worlds, GIWM acts as an exchange platform to build tomorrow's finance.


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