Academic Partners

The University of Geneva and the Geneva Finance Research Institute (GFRI)

The Geneva Finance Research Institute (GFRI) is a multidisciplinary institute based at the University of Geneva that focuses on research topics in finance such as Portfolio Management, Wealth Management, Sustainable Finance and Finance and Society. Its research themes thus emphasize on the one hand, the role that Geneva, as a financial center, plays in Portfolio Management and on the other, the benefits and externalities that finance displays for society at large.

The GFRI faculty is a very diversified international team of professors who are primarily dedicated to publishing cutting-edge research in top–finance journals, but they also engage in high level education in finance as well as in knowledge transfer activities such as conferences, seminars and public debates on a broad range of finance topics.

GIWM – Geneva Institute for Wealth Management

A non-profit foundation created by the University of Geneva and the foundation Geneva Financial Center dedicated to promote international collaboration in executive education and research in the field of Wealth Management between the University of Geneva and other international academic partners.

Leading banks and financial institutions in Geneva, the Swiss capital of Wealth Management