15 September 2022

“Recent Trends in Wealth Management”, the 2nd conference held by GIWM

GIWM was delighted to hold its annual conference on Recent Trends in Wealth Managemen at the University of Geneva on September 15st, 2022.  Recipients of the 2020-2021 GIWM research […]
31 October 2021

GIWM Celebrates its 5th Anniversary!

Five years have passed since the Geneva Institute For Wealth Management (GIWM) was established and we are delighted to be celebrating a solid start at promoting […]
21 January 2020

“Recent Trends in Wealth Management”, the first conference held by GIWM

GIWM was delighted to hold its first conference at the University of Geneva on January 21st, 2020.  Recipients of the 2019 GIWM research awards presented the […]